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Meet Smartibot

3 Cardboard Robots in 1

Kit includes parts to make an A.I. Bot, TeaBot and Unicorn!

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A.I Enabled!

Smartibot works with your Smartphone, using a powerful A.I. to recognise objects it sees, like pets, people and vehicles, and respond to them.

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Make a robot out of anything

No really, we mean it, you can re-use your Smartibot parts, and combine them with almost anything to create your own robots. Use plastic bricks, household trash, even a potato!

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Perfect for 3D printing

Make your own smartphone connected vehicles and programmable robots. Download our designs or create your own.

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"A future filled with robots would be less terrifying if they were all like Smartibot"


Smartibot Kit

Smartibot Kit

Regular price £55.00

Smartibot Genius Kit

Smartibot Genius Kit

Regular price £80.00

Smartibot Double Pack

Smartibot Double Pack

Regular price £90.00

Two Smartibot DC Motors

Two Smartibot DC Motors

Regular price £7.50

LEGO BattleBots

See how Rehana got on making LEGO fighting robots with her niece and nephew

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Make Robots from Recycling

See lots of ideas for making robot monsters out of things you find in your recycling bin

Make Rubbish Monsters

Program with the A.I.

How to program your own robot behaviour using the A.I. and Scratch-like blocks

Program with the A.I.

Cardboard Robot Workshop

Have a look at our detailed resources for running a day-long cardboard robot STEM workshop 

STEM Workshop Info

Proximity Pong Game

Use the LED Matrix and Distance Sensor boards in the Genius Kit to play the arcade classic

Make Pong

Milk Bottle + Yoghurt Pot Race Car

Grab some stuff from the recycling bin, and the parts form your Smartibot kit and make your own little app-controlled RC car

Make a Car!

Cheap and Easy Telepresence

Learn how to setup a Smartibot as a telepresence robot with remote control over the internet. Ideal for being somewhere else without leaving your home.

Telepresence Robot

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Crafty Robots

Five Crafty Robots

Five Crafty Robots

Regular price £38.00

Three Crafty Robots

Three Crafty Robots

Regular price £23.00

Two Crafty Robots

Two Crafty Robots

Regular price £15.00

Crafty Robot Blue

Crafty Robot Blue

Regular price £8.00