Brick Servo

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A servo motor that you can plug straight into your Smartibot and works with world's favourite plastic brick construction system. It has a shaft with a + profile for mounting to bricks, wheels and gears (to make them move), holes in the side to take plastic peg connectors as well as bumps and recesses to connect to regular bricks.

You can connect up to 10 of these servo motors to the S1 to S10 connections on a Smartibot and set them up to be controlled with buttons, sliders or joysticks in the Smartibot app. You can also program their behaviour using blocks or JavaScript in the Espruino IDE.

Lie most servo motors, these rotate through 180 degrees and are set up to drive to and then hold a specific position (based on the last instruction they received from the Smartibot). They are ideal for moving robotic elements like grabbers, arms and legs, but as they do not rotate continuously, are not suitable for driving wheels - better to use one of the motors that comes in the Smartibot kit or if you need something smaller and easier to mount on your brick creation, a Brick Motor.