Smartibot Instructions


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I can’t connect the motor wires to the circuit board

It seems the batch of flat-head screwdrivers that were packed in the kits were slightly bigger than the ones we were sent as samples (we are rally sorry about this). If you have another small flat-head screw driver please use that, or you can get the one in the kit to work by holding the circuit board behind the screw terminal and pressing really hard on the screw driver. Doubling over the ends of the wire before you pop them into the screw terminals can also help.

The marble drops through the hole in the cardboard that is supposed to hold it

Again it seems this is a manufacturing issue and we apologise. The variance in the size of the marbles was bigger than we had accounted for in the design and it seems some are too small. We tried to counter this by providing three marbles (you only need to use one to make the A.I. bot and you need to use two to make the Teabot and Unicorn) but there is a small possibility that you may have more than one marble that is undersize. If this is the case let us know and we will send you some more marbles.

My Smartibot won’t turn on

First of all make sure you have fully charged AA batteries in the battery box, that they are in the correct orientation, that the connector between battery box and circuit board is fully inserted, and that the switch on the battery box is in the on position. Next, if you have one, try plugging a micro USB cable into the socket to the right of the battery connector, connecting the other end to a USB port and seeing if the circuit board powers up (a green LED should appear to the right of the battery connector if the board is getting power). If the board powers up with the micro USB cable but not the battery box, and the batteries are definitely good, send us a message and we will send you a new battery box. If the board still doesn’t power up with the micro usb cable also let us know as well and we will work out a solution.

How do I connect the app to the Smartibot in control pad mode?

Press the icon with the little picture of the Smartibot’s face and an upside-down WiFi icon. This will bring up the connection list, select your Smartibot and the upside-down WiFi icon should be replaced by a tick and you are connected.

I still can’t connect

Check that Bluetooth is switched on on your phone or tablet and that the Smartibot app has permission to access ‘Bluetooth’ on your iOS device and ‘location’ on Android (we don’t know why there isn’t a distinct Bluetooth permission on Android).

Bluetooth is definitely working and my Smartibot is powered up but it doesn’t appear as an available connection

Try switching your Smartibot off and on again

My Smartibot has stopped responding to commands from the app

Try switching your Smartibot off and on again and re-connecting

My Smartibot goes backwards, or turns, when it should go forwards

Check that the motors are wired up correctly. The wires for the starboard motor should be connected to M1 and the port motor to M2. For both motors the red wire should be connected to the upper screw terminal and the black wires to the lower one.

My Smartibot just spins it’s wheels instead of moving

You can add traction by putting the smaller elastic bands that come in the kit over the wheels. They should sit down in the grooves between the two sides of the wheels.