About Us

The Crafty Robot has been making and selling hackable robot kits since 2015. We make two products:

Crafty Robots

Our eponymous Crafty Robots which are moving paper robots powered by the Fizzbit, a rechargeable module that can bring movement to any robot creation however you want to make it.


Our new Smartibot which is a much more sophisticated cardboard robot that you can control with your smartphone, or use your phone as a brain and make it chase people, animals and vehicles using A.I. Just like it's smaller sibling the parts of Smartibot can be re-used to build proper robots out of almost anything.


The Crafty Robot is run by designer and engineer Ross Atkin in London. Crafty Robots are made in the UK (and despatched from here) whilst Smartibots are made in China (and despatched from there). For Crafty Robots Delivery to the UK is 1 week, to the EU is 2 weeks and the rest of the world 3 weeks. For Smartibots delivery anywhere in the world is 2 weeks.

Contact and Community

To get in touch about any issues please email hello [at] thecraftyrobot [dot] net. We really love to see what you have made and there are some Smartibot users who are very kind and helpful so if you want to share a project you have made with Smartibot or get help from the Smartibot community please join the Smartibot forum on Reddit. We are also on Twitter and Instagram.

Smartibot Instructions

There is a video on how to build your Smartibot, a video about how to use it with the app here and some info on troubleshooting any issues you might have once you have built it here. There is information about how to program it with Scratch-like blocks editor or JavaScript in Espruino here.

Crafty Robot Instructions 

How to assemble your Crafty Robot from The Crafty Robot on Vimeo.

Company Info

'The Crafty Robot' is a registered trade mark of Ross Atkin Associates Limited, registered at Companies House, Cardiff, Company No. 8332246