Wimbledon may be over for this year but you can continue the fun by making this cute, helpful little robot. All you need for this creative DIY project is some cardboard, the parts from your Smartibot robot kit and a tube of tennis balls.

Tennis ball tube and Smartibot parts

Build the chassis by attaching the motors to the battery box with some double sides shape and then build an arm to hold the marble by making a U-shaped piece of cardboard about 7 cm long, and attaching it to the bottom of the battery box at one end and a marble at the other, with a glue gun.

Make the body by cutting the tennis ball tube so it fits over the chassis and cutting a slot in the lid that's big enough for the top of Smartibot's circuit board to poke through. Do the wheels by cutting a tennis ball in half, laying each half onto a piece of cardboard and drawing around it with a pencil to make two circles the same size as the ball. 

Bolt these circles to the plastic wheel mounts from the Smartibot kit and screw them onto the shafts on the motors. Use a glue gun to stick the tennis ball halves to the circles, wire the motors up and you are ready to hit the tennis court!

Wimblebot delivers a tennis ball to a player on court

Wimblebot has impressive ball control so we reckon it might be OK at football/soccer as well as being a handy standin for a ball boy or girl.


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