Smartibots arrive!

The Smartibots started getting on planes out of Hong Kong around January 29th. Word came in of bots arriving and being built in Thailand and Israel on the 31st. The first sightings of a Smartibots on social media were in Switzerland and the Netherlands on February 2nd:


It was awesome to see Knolling straight off the bat.

The first sighting of Smartibots here in the UK was in London on February 4th from the very kind Pete Trainor:

Next we started hearing from the teachers. It's great to see so many educators excited about what they will be able to do with Smartibot:

Smartibots also started appearing in Makerspaces, which was very exciting because it means lots of people will get to play with them:

It was magnificent to see some Smartibots getting built:

And even better to see them exploring the world and meeting new friends:

Best of all was seeing people learning from Smartibot in exactly the way we had hoped when we stared the project:

Not to mention our delight at seeing Smartibots already making themselves useful

We are really excited to see more of what you are up to with your Smartibots so please keep the posts coming and do tag #Smartibot and @CraftyRobot (twitter) or @thecraftyrobot (insta) so we see them. Thank you so much!