The Crafty Robot is a paper toy unlike any other. Plug Crafty into a USB for 30 seconds, unplug and you’ve got a moving robot. Crafty is powered by the Fizzbit, a rechargeable module that can bring movement to any robot creation however you want to make it.

Making Crafty Robots with Lea and Aron from The Crafty Robot on Vimeo.

We’ve got loads of free templates (from Kanyes to Cowboys) to download and print at home, We’ll be adding more every month. Fancy designing your own? We’ve got blank templates to get you started and once you’re done we’d love to host your designs so other people can make them too.

Programming not required (yet)

Crafty Robots are not programmable. Their behaviour is defined by their physical shape and material. Creating a new robot that behaves in a particular way requires a process of experimentation and iteration.

Right now there’s a lot of focus on getting kids to code so they can build the future. This is a good thing but it risks too narrow a focus. Code is only useful as part of the process of turning technology into actual things people can use and enjoy. This process is design and engineering.

Today the technology that’s changing the world is digital, back in the previous technological revolution it was electricity and steel and the one before steam and iron. By the time today’s children begin their careers the digital revolution might be done and a new technology on the way.

What will always remain useful is understanding how to use technology creatively. How to shape it to your needs and desires through experimentation and iteration. Inventing Crafty Robots with the Fizzbit make this process accessible, immediate, tangible and fun dramatically lowering the entry point.

Once you’re happy shaping technology to your ends it’s a great time to learn to code. We see the crafty Robot as a fun and affordable first stepping stone towards more advanced robots based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

A Toy for the Future

The Crafty Robot is designed to be kind to the planet. The Fizzbit doesn’t use batteries (not even rechargeable ones which still contain polluting materials and only last a few hundred cycles). Instead it uses a supercapacitor (a technology used in Formula 1 energy recovery systems).

Because the Fizzbit can be re-used to make dozens of different robots, you can have the excitement of a new toy without anywhere near the environmental impact. All you are throwing away (or recycling) when you make a new Crafty Robot is some paper.

How to assemble your Crafty Robot

This video explains how to put together a Crafty Robot kit. These instructions are good for Orange, Blue, Social, Gunpei, Alastair and Jerry.

This video explains how to put together a Gold Precious Robot. Use your black limited edition Fizzbit not the orange one used in the video.

Below is the instruction diagram that comes with the robots:



The Crafty Robot is a brand of hackable toys created by London based designer Ross Atkin. Fizzbits are manufactured by Kitronik in Nottingham and the robot templates are made in Wales. If you want to buy lots of robots, want to do a special run as a gift or promotion or just fancy getting in touch please e-mail: hello [at] thecraftyrobot.net

‘The Crafty Robot’ is a registered trademark of Ross Atkin Associates Limited which is registered at Companies House Cardiff, Company Number 8332246