3D Printed GOT Sigils

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I know it’s not Game of Thrones season but I wanted to do a set of 3D printed characters and I thought doing the sigil creatures from the the four major families in the show might be nice. So we’ve got a Stag, Wolf, Lion and Dragon all over on Thingiverse. I also designed some banners to go with them you can print with your regular 2D printer plus some banner poles to 3D print (though you can also make them out of straws).

All four creatures are all designed to easy to print without support material (print them upside down) and Fizzbits just slot in to make them run around. If you make all four you can re-enact all the drama and power-plays from the show, just much more quickly. You can also use them as mounts for your minifigs.


Finally, if you want to design your own creatures I’ve uploaded the 123D Design base model I used to build all four to Thingiverse. Download that file and add on the creatures face, ears and any other features (like horns, wings etc). As always if you design your own Fizzbot (a creature or robot that has a Fizzbit in it) please send us a photo and, of course, it would be amazing if you could upload the model so other people can make it.



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